Attunement Founder – The founder of voting is very

The founder of voting is very important because “he” has a great influence on voting quality and energy security. Ask yourself who is this “spiritual guide” referred to by the founder of harmonization. If “he” is not a spiritual guide, who is he? What could you connect to if you chose “his” agreement? You have no way of knowing if the agreement is safe and you should avoid it. If a voting founder seems to be controlled by a spiritual guide, where all decisions must be reviewed with the spiritual guide, avoid “him” at all costs. Learning to choose a founder of harmonization is essential when choosing a harmonization. These harmonization founders now combine the energies of black magic with Reiki in their tunings. Tuning is done using the energies associated with the founder. If a harmonization founder asks for a co-founder spiritual guide, be very careful. Spiritual guides do not guide a harmonization founder. For the actions and energies of the founder will affect the energies of harmonization. The founder of harmonization created harmonization and, as such, utilized “his” perspective, skills, knowledge, and spiritual understanding. The mind always knows what is best to do, and it is not for the founder of harmonization to strictly control what is right or wrong for you. If the founder has no experience or assumes energetic and spiritual risks, this is transferred to harmonization. In many ways, the founders of harmonization face more challenges than the mind will ever question, bringing deeper perspectives and spiritual growth. There is also a growing tendency in the energy harmonization and healing community to combine energies with magic. Apart from that, if a harmonization founder continues to live from crisis to crisis or from drama to drama, it is important to be careful.