Stir constantly slowly add about one-third of the warm

Stir constantly, slowly add about one-third of the warm cream to the egg yolk, then beat the egg yolk mixture in the skillet with the cream. In fact, sea salt caramel can be one of the most nuanced and decadent types of ice cream.. Avoid boiling the ice cream mixture too fast, as the egg could curdle. Wrap the ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pass through a fine mesh sieve in the ice machine. In the last 2 minutes of packaging, sprinkle scaly sea salt on the floor. Professional tip: Pour the cold coffee into a spoon for a combination of very fresh flavors. And with this recipe, it’s a pleasure that can still be enjoyed during the keto thanks to the magic of Swerve. Something in the sea salt offers a mouthful that satisfies beyond taste. Let the mixture cool to room temperature. For trouble-free service, use directly from the machine or store in the freezer until you need it. The taste of caramel is richer than other ice creams.