Royal Family – Meghan and Harry have just entered the field

Meghan and Harry have just entered the field of honor, but now they will need to be seen if they are to realize that they have gone from children locked in a gilded cage to adults who will henceforth take responsibility for their decisions in every way possible. Last night I watched Oprah interview with sassexuals primarily because I am committed to the mental health of the world, and I was curious how such respected and criticized public figures would behave in a conversation about someone’s troubled mental health. I offer scientific advice and tools for patients and caregivers who want to change their approach to health, become health care revolutionaries, spiritually reconnect with their inner physician and learn how to prepare their bodies to perform miracles. And let’s all risk being ourselves, knowing that there will be consequences in a world that doesn’t want most people to tell the truth. And endure the open racism, the microaggressions, the hypocrisy and double standards that scream daily, defenselessly, oh, dear Meghan, without words, from newsstands, the vicious and unstoppable Internet, and the royal family itself. If they wanted to fade into oblivion, it would be impossible, but I understand and appreciate the need to speak out when one has suffered and seen others hurt and subjected to lies and slander. Such a case can hurt, but that is why honor is a painful field. Of course, no one is obligated to remain in the field of honor. To oppose something so deeply rooted in our culture–tales of princes and princesses and those in power–is to enter the arena on a grand scale and become an open target for the attacks that are sure to come. To find yourself in a double-break: being beneath yourself and staying in your family, career, and public recognition is an impossible “Sophie’s Choice.” There will be times when you will have to put aside your impulses and take a higher stand than anyone else, a person without honor. If you especially need a loving, creative community in which we approach trauma more easily and less therapeutically, you are always welcome at Healing Muses. But I try to side with those who are marginalized, oppressed and silenced, in this case a powerful, shameless woman who is a threat to the status quo of an entrenched monarchy and all that privilege represents. “The Field of Honor is a painful field. The Field of Honor is not a place for children to play.