Powerful LifeForce Energy – The teacher told me that all I

Many years ago, when I was a young teacher at an energy treatment school in the United States, the principal called me to give me a session that I spent with a client in front of the room. LifeForce Energy Healing® is different from the Pranic Healing, Telepathic Healing and Radiatory Healing® I give at lower levels of my LifeForce Energy Healing® programs. With radiotherapy, you develop a sympathetic resonance between your personal energy field and the person you work with. It is true that energy follows thought, so it is your strong positive intention that drives this healing technique. In healing prana you concentrate your prana, your personal energy, directly on the client, so that your vitality strengthens you. If you are interested in learning this technique, I will tell you about the LifeForce® Advanced Level IV Energy Healing Masters program. Once you know this, in less than a minute you will be able to attract divine energy, channel it through your own energy field and send it to the right receiver. Christ is the youngest person who fully controls the discovery of your chakras and energy field and merges with the Source. I have spent years improving what I learned that day and call this technique LifeForce Energy Healing®. It is the energy of the Source, combined with the energy of the Earth that passes through you, that causes changes in the energy field and body of your customers. Compare these methods with LifeForce Energy Healing® compatible with the Light of Christ. I was desperate to remain ingrained because I was full of energy from above, somewhere above the twenty-fourth level of the world’s energy field. When I held my hands like this, I felt a huge wave of energy coming out of my chest, the position of the heart chakra.