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Our goal is to make available to all and everywhere holistic research and health education taught by renowned experts, providing students with practical learning experiences similar to those used in a traditional university and giving them a strong sense of community, academic pride and loyalty to students. She received a strategic communications scholarship and was accepted to Kappa Tau Alpha a national university that honors a society “that recognizes academic excellence and encourages scholarships for journalism and mass communication. “Without working, Gillian often does art, enjoys nature or drinks coffee with herhusband Preston’. Where does the name “your” company come from? “Fantasy means something different, or unusual, as I imagined it,” Ashley says. Ashley lives in a small community in Hartford, Tennessee, and hopes to expand comprehensive healthcare services and make them accessible to more people. After her youngest son went to school, Ashley thought about going back to college, but she had trouble finding someone who would accept financial support for natural foods. In the field of aromatherapy, Ashley also offers rolling balls with essential oils that help ease breathing and headaches. Of all the “hair products,” Ashley says, “your favorite” is herbal ointment. It wasn’t until a friend introduced her to herbal medicines that she became interested in holistic health, and only when her uncle was diagnosed with cancer did she become more interested in learning. Another service Ashley offers as part of her company is a consultation with an aromatherapist. Although the pandemic has delayed her projects, next year Ashley hopes to open her brick and mortar stores. I learned a lot about the causes of cancer and what can be done with it in a holistic way,” Ashley says. “I applied for certification for my natural products to open a company that produces natural products,” she says. The Oni online store offers lip balm, herbal ointment, tattoo ointment, skate aromatherapy and more. “The idea came to me to make it in a tube so I wouldn’t have to touch it to apply it,” Ashley says. When you sign up for CHS, it’s important to have the tools to build a holistic and lasting mission, to build your community with confidence and to change the face of health care through knowledge. Ashley started her Outlandish Remedies in September 2018.