Shungite Metaphysical Properties – There are many written

There are many written evidences confirming the positive influence of the metaphysical properties of Shungiten, as they have been used for centuries in Russia for healing and purification of water. Shunggie healing stones help to detoxify and purify the body, absorbing and eliminating all negative energy or harmful substances to the body. Shungite, which is said to be about 2 billion years old, is a powerful ancient healing stone, which is considered almost pure carbon, found in the Karelian region of Russia. According to crystal expert Judy Hall, the benefits and healing properties of shungite come from a rare non-crystalline carbon mineral base. The power of Shungite stone is not always easy to recognize in the spiritual community, as it is not necessarily one of the most popular healing stones. Once shungite enters the environment and gets used to your energy, it will help prevent the accumulation of negative energy in your body, contributing to the slow and stable balance of your root chakra. Try using shungite stones and tell us what happened to them! Click on this link to learn more about the healing crystals and their importance. Shungite has many healing and healing properties and is therefore an important stone in your spiritual journey. Many people, especially in Russia where shungite is used, place stones or pieces of shungite in drinking water because of documented health benefits. Is size important? I’m looking for a shungite stone, though I’m not sure if there’s more energy in an empty place than in spheres, pyramids. ) the metaphysical properties of shungite in the elixir in the water, giving the house a fresh spring taste. Shunga crystals are also very useful for relieving stress and anxiety, relieving insomnia and increasing overall energy levels. By healing for the first time with Shungiet, it removes blockages and creates many emotions and symptoms to draw your attention to unresolved conflicts in your life. Our co-founder Heather uses shungite mainly in “his” water because it contains strong detoxification and cleansing energy. The metaphysical properties of Shungiet give positive results and benefits, and help to understand what is good for a better and healthier future.