Tomato Salad | – This salad of arugula avocado and

This salad of arugula, avocado and tomatoes is ideal as a small headset with a nutrient-rich ingredient that adds enzymes and probiotics. This arugula, avocado and tomato salad is perfect as a small headset with a very nutritious ingredient that adds enzymes and probiotics. Since 2002, Sarah has been involved in health and nutrition education, helping families integrate thousands of nutrition principles into a modern home. My husband and I often enjoy this rocket, avocado and tomato salad accompanied by a light lunch. If you want to make a bigger salad, replace the arugula with a baby green salad and no more than twice as much sauerkraut. For those whose taste buds are sensitive to sour food, the sauerkraut used in the salad based on EVOO has a sweet and pleasant taste. Sauerkraut is a secret ingredient, which gives this arugula salad a unique flavor combination. It is designed to help families effectively integrate the principles of traditional eating into a modern home. When extra virgin olive oil is sprayed on sauerkraut, the sour taste magically changes from explosive acidity to pleasant sweetness. Sarah was named Activist of the Year at the 2010 International Conference on Wise Traditions and has since been a board member of Weston A She is the author of three books: Get Your Fats Straight, Traditional Solutions for Modern Families, and Green Life in the Artificial World. Sarah Pope has been a health and nutrition educator since 2002. She cuts the cucumbers into pieces and puts half the amount in each bowl with rockets. She evenly distributes a tablespoon of sour cabbage over each salad.