Sanitized Bubble – This has been a human path for tens of

This has been a human path for tens of thousands of years – from the inclusion of soil and animal bacteria in the food we eat as crushers to the direct production and consumption of fermented food – and it must remain the main way to supply probiotics. I think they are the perfect combination of varieties for the needs of most people, especially in combination with the regular consumption of fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and fermented dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and kefir, but the varieties themselves are not protected. And probiotics are not even thisnovel’. “We are clearly designed to consume probiotics in the food we eat, and probiotic supplements use the same method of administration, especially if they are consumed with food. In addition, they have regularly absorbed probiotic bacteria through the use of fermented food for at least 10,000 years. For example, one of my favourite strains I ate was Bacillus subtilis the same strain of bacteria that I found in natto, the traditional Japanese fermented soybean. Even as children, pre-industrial babies have been breast-fed for almost four years, giving them a stable source of probiotic bacteria from breast milk for much of their young age. Especially because of its influence on intestinal health and because it can help both and still produce good intestinal bacteria, even though there is a shortage of fermentable substances to get into the intestine. Eating alone cannot compensate for years of breastfeeding that you don’t have, the dirt that you don’t have, the dirt that you didn’t throw, the colonies that you didn’t hold with bare hands from the antelope, the untreated water that you didn’t drink. We know that fermented dairy products are an integral part of traditional dairy production, because fermentation is the natural result when the milk is nearby without cooling. The innate immunity is an ancient immunity; it is the same system used by inferior organisms such as animals, plants, fungi and bacteria.