Sourdough Pasta | – Since then I sometimes make my own

Since then, I sometimes make my own noodles using the recipe for Russian dumpling noodles based on flour, eggs, and fresh liquid whey. Six varieties of real sourdough noodles, made in minutes on the stovetop and made with whole grains for maximum nutrition and flavor. Since 2002, Sarah has worked as a health and nutrition consultant, helping families incorporate traditional food principles into the modern home. When I started researching traditional diets in 2002, I realized how unhealthy it was to eat pasta, and even whole grain pasta. However, when organic flour is fermented into pasta, the fiber becomes more digestible and is optimally used as a prebiotic to feed beneficial gut bacteria. First the vast majority of so-called sprouted pasta I’ve seen on the market contains at least some unfermented flour in the ingredients, or worse, inedible vital wheat gluten. Unbleached organic wheat flour, organic semolina, organic starter culture, and water. However, there are good brands of sprouted whole wheat pasta on the market. The texture of the dough also indicates that it was formed from traditional bronze, not Teflon. An 8-ounce bag costs $4.99, not much more than the organic brands, which lack the nutritional value and digestibility of pasta. Their mission is to help families effectively incorporate ancient food principles into the modern home. I recommend trying this 4 ingredient Alfredo sauce or this 10-minute marinara sauce if you’ve never made your own pasta sauce. Of course, this amount of fiber wouldn’t be great if pasta was a regular store brand. Sarah was named activist of the year at the 2010 Wise Traditions International Conference and serves on the board of directors of the nonprofit Weston A nutrition organization. Sarah Pope has been a health and nutrition educator since 2002. She is the author of three books: the best-selling book Get the Fat Straight, Traditional Ways of Solving Modern Family Problems, and Living Green in an Artificial World.

People Suffer Horrible – I have found great comfort in the

I have found great comfort in the thought thatit’s not happening to you, it’s happening to you. “‘ But I have also spoken to sufferers who find this belief system pedantic, unsupportive, stupid and abusive. When I asked a mystical healer to explain why some people are victims of terrible suffering, she replied, “I feel no one is really a victim, although their suffering deserves our compassion, but we are all at the mercy of our own dishonesty, lack of decency, greed, desire to control others and all other negative traits. In the Christian church where I grew up, suffering was explained as follows: “Everything happens for a reason” or “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” “‘ These beliefs can foster resilience and help us face the challenges that life brings with it. Perhaps sometimes our silent witness, our open heart, our humble “I don’t know why this is happening, but I’m here and you’re not alone” is the most spiritual way to be with the suffering of others. Keli said: “If my soul chose this life, then my soul is an idiot.” I asked her how she would feel if someone less suffering imposed this belief system on her. I asked Keli if she thought we would be better off with a nihilistic “shit happens” explanation, and she said that she would not go that far, because it is also true that “she”‘s traumas were catalysts for her growth, and some of them are not accidental. When I was teaching Spiritual Restoration 101, I asked my sister, who is much less privileged than I am and has lived a much harder life, what she thought about her soul choosing certain circumstances in life, such as being born to a mother who would give her up for adoption, or being born a brown person in a country that neglects and traumatizes brown people. I wonder if sometimes our despair is so great that our curious minds can’t handleI don’t know. “‘ Maybe we feel compelled to invent a fiction to get an answer, even if it’s not the real answer. But perhaps, like the idea of karma and the Earth School, it can be used to oversimplify a complex world and get around issues like white supremacy, misogyny or other forms of oppression that can cause real suffering in ways we can change. I don’t know if dark energies latch onto us and cause us pain, but I do believe in inherited problems, ancestral trauma, and that past pain can literally change our DNA in ways that can cause unnecessary suffering. The Hindu Brahmin Guru with whom I worked in Bali explained to me that the suffering and injustice of the oppressed “untouchables” redeems karma for past life mistakes. But she was no more an answer to my question than “I don’t know,” which at least seemed more honest and humble than the pathetic answers some charlatans gave, like a smorgasbord of certainty in an uncertain world. “I don’t know” can be very scary, especially in the face of human suffering. I had to laugh when I read this post by New Age healer and researcher Carla McLaren-who wrote a hysterical article about why she left New Age and became a scientist after hearing her own condition explained as the result of an “Atlantean pelvic being” that left her scar-and suddenly wondered if I too much New Age Kool-Aid.

New Crystal – An in-depth look at crystal lattices learn

An in-depth look at crystal lattices; learn how to use them for effective manifestation! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometric foundations of lattices, their energy fields, their relationship to the crystal lattices of Mother Earth and how they work with distant healing. A very motivating way to start the course; learn how and why crystals work, explore the scientific and metaphysical aspects, and lay a solid foundation for effective crystal energy work. Geological information, such as the part of the earth’s crust in which the crystal formed, is particularly important in Chinese medicine: when a mineral forms in the deepest layers of the earth, it empowers the deeper layers of our body and soul. In this module you will learn about our unique and highly effective Hibiscus Moon Crystallotherapy method, with step-by-step instructions before, during and after your crystallotherapy session. Everything is broken down into simple, easy to understand steps that will help you feel confident in your crystal therapy session. In addition, there is a lot of metaphorical information about how the crystal was formed: a pressure-compressed stone will be very different from one that was formed during the cooling of molten lava. Learn how to use crystal-specific protocols to influence the correct energy fluctuations that support chakra health. Another way to put it is this: I see that some of the information I’ve gathered helps me connect with the crystal. The Academy is taught by me, Hibiscus Moon, author of Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work. With this elective course, you will benefit from a deep and vibrant connection with your ancestors as you indulge in powerful crystals. I was curious if my method was universal or completely unusual. So I asked my good friend and crystal advocate Maya Toll, author of The Illustrated Crystalarium, how she “discovered” new crystal – I even went so far as to ring the bells on the new crystal to break the bad vibrations! But incense is usually my first choice – I’m an herbalist by training, so I’ve always dried herbs in my office. See what I mean about why I like “your” approach so much? I hope these ideas help you start a new cup for yourself. Let me know if any of these are similar to what you’re doing, or if you have anything else you’d like to share with the Crystal family in the comments below. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I always write about the beautiful and insightful Crystal book her put together for us. After reading “her,” and if you know me and my scientific leanings, that’s it. For each new crystal I added to the book, I used a four-step method – five if you count what I wrote and shared what I learned. And the way I do it is as simple as it is a little esoteric: Holding the crystal in my hand, I sort through all the impressions I receive and see which ones make the crystal feel alive in my hands.


Hi, friends. In this week’s edition of Ask the Health Coach Erin answers questions about balancing the effects of poor sleep, how to deal with a difficult partner, and what’s more important for optimal health: low stress or a primal diet. Food, nutrition, and health are part of a cultural context that is not currently being addressed in a way that appeals to specific communities for whom primitive living can literally save lives. P.S. The Primal Health Coach Institute team will have a live webinar with Mark next week: 3 things to look for in a health coaching program. One of the biggest challenges of adopting a primal lifestyle, or something that goes against the standard American diet, is dealing with loved ones who are not on the same page. Learn three simple steps to building a successful health education business in six months or less in this special briefing provided by Mark Sisson, co-founder of CPSI. Erin Power is director of coaching and curriculum at the Primary Health Coaching Institute. We’ve been married for over 40 years, so I can tease him about a carbohydrate hangover when he eats junk food at night and struggles to get out of bed. As you know, there are plenty of studies about the effects of eating processed snacks, processed oils and non-food products, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. 1 Living with someone who agrees with that science certainly doesn’t do it either. Deep breathing, fasting, cold showers or vitamin B3 supplements can’t fool your body if you don’t get enough sleep regularly. If you are passionate about health and wellness and want to help people like Erin every day for “your” clients, consider becoming a certified health coach yourself. It just takes time and a little aging for some people to hear what their body is telling them, like “please don’t eat that.” So instead of trying to compensate for your less-than-optimal sleeping habits, try to improve them, at least by taking small steps first.

Great Mother – – The Great Mother Mother Earth or Gaia as

The Great Mother Earth or Gaia, as she is also called, has been worshipped in traditional cultures throughout the world since ancient times. She is the goddess of motherhood, fertility, creation and abundance in the natural world. You can honor the wisdom of the Great Mother by honoring her gifts and using them with joy and gratitude to heal the world. As your mother nourished you and birthed you, so the Great Mother gives life to all creation. Look at the wonders all around you-bright green leaves, flowers, nesting birds-and remember the gifts you receive each day from the Great Mother, the matriarch of this living, loving home. The wisdom of the Great Mother offers both protection and challenge, meeting the needs of the human spirit. Continue to learn to heal, thrive, and grow-one of the greatest gifts of a mother’s covenant of love and family is to learn. The Great Mother gives you everything you need to live and thrive, to learn and grow, to heal and awaken. Just as nature blossoms with new life in the spring, you are destined to discover new ways to grow in your spirit by opening your heart and mind. The Great Mother strengthens and protects life as it forms and grows. All of Great Mother’s children are one family and have the same needs and aspirations. Great Mother protects, nurtures and sustains life. Acting with Love on Earth is one of the Great Mother’s most important lessons – connection. Could it be that a child who learns to read in Los Angeles influences the future of a child in Nigeria who needs a desk, a book and school? Why wouldn’t it? The connections of the natural world are just as beautiful. A loving mother gives her child the nourishment and security that he or she needs, while nurturing his or her growth and independence. The natural world, the web of life, is truly a web capable of carrying vibrations of movement back and forth, far and wide, up and down. In the realm of the Great Mother, everything is growth and change.

Symptom Checklist – Antihistamines are designed to prevent

Antihistamines are designed to prevent histamines from binding to histamine receptors, particularly H1 and H2 receptors. Learn about the signs, symptoms and 8 causes of histamine intolerance and what you can do to get rid of the 4 types of histamines. Leaky gut: Leaky gut allows large particles of undigested food to enter the bloodstream, alerting the immune system, which releases histamine in response to the threat. Before we start with a list of foods low in histamine, we should know that this is not about following the right or wrong diet. The goal of functional medicine is to address the root cause, the cause of histamine intolerance. It is difficult to determine the exact amount of histamine in food. Therefore, you will find conflicting information and different food lists on the internet. Candida overgrowth: Fungal infections and histamine intolerance are closely related. Headaches, brain fog, chronic nasal congestion, bloating, restless legs, yes, these are all signs of histamine intolerance. D-Hist – This product combines 5 powerful nutrients to relieve symptoms and eliminate histamines naturally. DAO Enzymes – DAO supplements are most useful for people who have problems breaking down histamine rather than overproducing it. But antihistamines do not eliminate histamines from the body, which means they bind freely to the remaining receptors.

Beginner Kefir | – How to make a batch of whole milk kefir

How to make a batch of whole milk kefir with conventional whole milk yeast brands. It’s cheaper than live grain kefir, but much more powerful than commercial brands because you have to let it ferment for 36 hours. Sarah has been a health and nutrition consultant since 2002, helping families effectively incorporate traditional food principles into the modern home. After you’ve made your first batch of kefir, save some to use as yeast for new batches. In this case, I suggest using store-bought kefir as a simple inoculant to make a beginning batch of kefir. Consuming a cup or two of homemade whole milk kefir is a great strategy for maintaining a healthy gut. Live-grain kefir is usually ready in as little as 24 hours. Mix whole milk and commercial kefir in a quart jar. Kefir made this way contains about as many probiotic strains as baking powder kefir. Making kefir is much easier than other types of cultured milk because you can just leave it on the counter. You can try it at no extra cost and compare the benefits of kefir to yogurt. Their mission is to help families effectively incorporate the principles of ancient nutrition into the modern home. Kefir stays fresh for several weeks before consumption.

Equal Day – In fact most places on earth have more hours

In fact, most places on earth have more hours of day than night on those two days of the year, due to the earth’s atmosphere and our definition of sunrise and sunset. One of the reasons most places on earth do not have exactly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness on the equinox is the definition of sunrise and sunset. If sunrise and sunset were defined as the time when the geometrical center of the sun passes the horizon, day and night would be exactly 12 hours long. Although day and night are not exactly the same length on the day of the equinox, there are days when the hours of sunrise and night are very close. Equinox means “equal night” in Latin, which means the day and night at the equinox are exactly 12 hours long. Another reason day is longer than 12 hours on the equinox is that the Earth atmosphere refracts sunlight. This refraction, or bending, of light causes the top of the sun to be visible from Earth for a few minutes before the edge reaches the horizon. Sunrise and sunset are defined as the exact time when the apex of the solar disk touches the eastern and western horizons, respectively. As a result, each day on Earth, including the equinoxes, is at least six minutes longer than it would be without this refraction. Even in Longyearbyen, one of the northernmost cities in the world, the day lasts 12 hours and 37 minutes. To the south, in Melbourne, Australia, the day will last 12 hours and 6 minutes. In Amsterdam, the day will last 4 minutes at 12 hours and 12 minutes. Only the September equinox and the March equinox have nearly the same length of day and night. Residents of Johannesburg also enjoy the same number of daylight hours. Because of the time it takes for the sun to fully set, which can take several minutes, the day is slightly longer than the night on the equinox. This day is called the equinox and its length depends on the latitude of the place and may occur several days or weeks before or after the equinox.

Energy Healing – I’ve been too busy to think about this

I’ve been too busy to think about this, but I wondered if you, dear readers, could make suggestions for movies, literature, visual art, architecture, theater, music, dance or other forms of art that you think support certain chakras or other aspects of the human energy system. Are there works of art that have special energetic benefits? I recently watched one of my favorite movies, the British film Enchanted April, and thought it was the perfect movie to support the second chakra. Art as a tool for energy healing I believe art has powerful energetic properties that heal us and call us to higher vibrations. Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for better health and happiness. It got me thinking about how certain works of art affect certain aspects of our energetic anatomy. Moving from art as a healing energy to an energy self-care page. While no two people react the same way to the same work of art, there are works of art that seem to have an almost universal aesthetic and energetic appeal, such as the Taj Mahal and the great cathedrals of Europe, which were created specifically to evoke feelings of excitement and wonder. A place of energetic healing is a unique and free resource. Art, I believe, works on the principle of formation to bring our energy closer to this ideal. Interacting with art is a wonderful way to take care of our own energy. Generally speaking, people are called to certain kinds of art, just as they are called to certain forms of healing. I encourage you to pay attention to the art that feeds your energy. You may respond to realism in painting or literature, and I respond to impressionism in fine art and magical realism in literature.