Black Tourmaline Red – Are you going through a turbulent

Are you going through a turbulent period in your relationships, in your professional life, in your private life or in your private life? Capture a black tourmaline with a touch of red jasper to feel protected, secure and stable again. As an energy center that controls your ability to feel stable and energetically secure, the root chakra must be constantly balanced if you lack stability. Energy Muse is a crystal company that offers tools for empowerment, inspiration and hope in the form of jewelry and healing crystals. From a place of energy security, the Black Tourmaline with its red jasper properties will encourage and motivate you to be active in your life. Place your black tourmaline with a touch of red jasper at home or in the office to feel protected and rooted at all times. Each product combines crystalline energy with its intention to help you achieve the desired result. With this crystal by your side, you have the solid foundation and energy support you need to move forward. What happens when one of the most protected stones forms with one of the most stabilizing stones? A total balance of the root chakra. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to use the functions of this website. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.