Autoimmune Process – I am not a doctor, but I have spoken with

I am not a doctor, but I have spoken with countless individuals who have survived cancer through natural means (diet, colonics and supplements) to boost their immune systems and detoxify their bodies. I have had a natural health store for more than twenty-five years and have read many books and articles as well as heard testimonials on this process.
What is ironic is that now the “breakthrough” method of cancer treatment that is touted by the medical establishment is the use of the individual’s own immune system. Of course they say that the immune system must be “enhanced” by their drugs in order to work. They call it CAR-T cell therapy and they will provide it for one-half million dollars with the disclaimer that the boosted immune system might attack other organs. (TIME Mag. 12/25/2017).
Here’s an idea – let people keep their one-half million dollars and use a small portion of it to buy organic vegetables and supplements, and maybe pay a practitioner to monitor their progress. Their naturally tuned-up immune systems will love all of their organs rather than attack them.
How gullible do we have to be to believe that we should pay the medical community one-half million dollars to use our own system that is in place naturally?