Choose Online Education – With online courses you can enjoy

With online courses you can enjoy the freedom to pursue your goals and dreams anywhere in the world! At CDHA, our holistic health, nutrition, aromatherapy and phytotherapy courses offer you solid, science-based knowledge that can open new doors to your career in the wellness industry. Our goal is to make holistic health education, based on research and science, taught by renowned experts, accessible to all, while providing students with a traditional university learning experience with a strong sense of community, academic pride and student retention. As a university that has always offered online courses, CDHA was grateful to be well prepared to serve our students without interrupting their learning when this pandemic began. Not everyone has a holistic health school with a physical campus nearby, and we’re happy to provide an online educational opportunity for students from around the world. Angela Seng, a former graduate of complementary alternative medicine, says that she had a good experience with her courses at CDHA and she appreciated the flexibility these courses offered. When someone enrolls in CHSA, it is crucial that he or she is given the resources to forge his or her own holistic and enduring mission, build his or her community with confidence, and change the face of healthcare through knowledge. As an online university, CHSA enables our students to help others and make a difference. Vanessa Goldeen, a former certificate in Wellness Consulting, says that CHSA has enabled her to feel prepared and confident for her career. Founded in 1978, Colegio Americano is a fully accredited online university specializing in holistic health. “I am very happy that I chose CHSA because all my professors were absolutely exceptional,” says Shanna Bynes, a former Diploma in Aromatherapy. “Now I’m confident that I can investigate a particular aspect of health or well-being in relation to the clients I’ve mentioned, and I have expert answers for them that are often more informative than any information they’ve received from a doctor,” she says. This dedication to our students and graduates is reflected in the results of our recent survey, which shows that 98% of our students would recommend the CCHS to a friend or family member. For example, one of our students, Nicole Berry, is taking her courses in Spain, where she also runs an international internship program. At CCSS we have an incredible staff of specialists who are always there for our students. When you take courses online, you can choose a university to which you would otherwise not have access. Another advantage of online courses is that you can avoid commuting to and from a physical campus every day.