Online Crystal Class – This one-hour digital course led by

This one-hour digital course, led by Heather Askinose, crystal expert and founder of The Energy Muse takes you through the three main parts of The Prosperity Formula: Part 1: An Environmental Checklist. Are you ready to change your financial situation and achieve your financial goals? In this one-hour online course with Heather Askinosa, crystal expert and founder of Muse of Energy, you’ll learn a powerful prosperity formula that you can use at any time to make immediate financial changes. The second part of the course will help you unlock the energy and physical space of your most important prosperity areas. These are specific areas of your home as well as other areas such as your wallet, your computer, etc. In the first part of the course, you will go through an environmental checklist to identify areas of your space where you are losing financial energy as well as other common energies that are blocking money. The course has three parts: an environmental checklist, a prosperity recovery, and a crystal action plan. Please note that if you purchase this course online, you can purchase the course individually or the course and its crystal and energy tools. This third and final part of the course will help you prepare to thrive in whatever aspect of your life you are currently working on. Full of meaning, intention and crystal practice, our books will be your companions on your crystal journey. There are many detractors of crystal energy, but if I had listened to the detractors, I wouldn’t have invested all my money in starting my own business 17 years ago. Together, these three steps will guide you through the energetic and physical aspects of your space and your own energy, and prepare you to successfully achieve your goals. Gain a deep understanding of crystals, their healing properties, their meaning, and their practices for achieving a specific intention. Identify any unknown crystal with our crystal identification tool! Simply upload a photo to learn more about your crystal.