Cold War – But have we really since ended up on the side of

But have we really since ended up on the side of justice in a war? The Cold War was a dead end, and what have we created in the world now? Why did we go to war in the Middle East, supposedly like the good guys, and why aren’t we so handsome now? Of course, we need soldiers and police officers to keep the peace, and we rationalize the fact that soldiers and law enforcement have the right to beat and harass people who they think are criminals. We have normalized intimidation so that half the country thought it was a good idea to put a tyrant in office, probably in the hope that he would force the president “to behave as usual,” since no one can deny that the medical-industrial complexpharmacist, educational and pedagogical tyrannizes the world and its financial and political interests. Think of how people go to church or temple, where priests, clergy and rabbis preach hell and condemnation and try to force people to “do the right thing” in the name of Scripture, while harassing each other so that they are human and therefore imperfect and ungodly. If they are not religious in nature, they can identify with New Age spirituality, or they can choose spiritual teachers who force them to appreciate their hatred and try to overcome their worldly ego by seeking enlightenment instead. Why is the will alone not enough to change behavior? Because directors and firefighters try to protect you from the intense feelings and beliefs of the tender and vulnerable children that the IFS calls “exiles”. “Only when we do some sort of soul restoration and relieve these unbearable feelings of unworthiness, shame, worthlessness, lack of love, unpopularity, despair and desperation, can permanent transformation prevail. If we believe that intimidation makes the world a better place, it is logical that most Americans believe that the most powerful tyrant we can vote for would help us out of the chaos that progressive virtuosi have created in the lives of many Americans. The way the wicked perceive the world has so infiltrated our consciousness that white Europeans have thought they have the right to tyrannize the world, to transform the entire planet into an empire and colonize lands that do not belong to them, to kill entire races in the name of liberation from wilderness, and to replace their peaceful, terrestrial, and indigenous customs with religions and “white people’s democracy. “We celebrate the feasts of our famous settlers and do little to express our remorse or repentance for the people and the land where we were robbed, enslaved and murdered. The jury calls, then we put people in jail, where they harass each other and are harassed by prison guards, all in the name of justice, right? Now we feel good. Let’s see where this way of thinking leads us. We are divided into “us” against “them,” Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Jews and Palestinians, just and terrorists, activists and those who hate them, white racists and those who hate them, cops and thieves, good and bad, as if we only had to free the world from these unfortunate people. Parents harass their children, repress their emotions, buy models of control, and try to force them to take forms that don’t suit them by dampening their boils, throwing buckets of water inside instead of lighting them with light, and feeding the inner fire with which children are born. Now, I am a citizen of a country whose foreign policy tyrannizes the world and thinks it has the right to push any other country, so it makes sense that we have elected a global tyrant to our most powerful political position. Parents do it in the name of discipline, rigor, maximizing intelligence and talent, instilling good behavior, preventing the “weak” and protecting their children from what they perceive as an evil in the world. I know this could trigger your New Age Shit Meter, but is it possible that a time of radical, but also violent compassion for ourselves and for each other’s parts begins? Only when we open our hearts and grow in compassion for ourselves and others can we open our inner and outer arms to the world.