Dana Sammut – “Pre-qualified education and training helps

“Pre-qualified education and training helps health workers to combat gender-based violence. “ScienceDaily. Pre-education and training help health workers to combat gender-based violence. Researchers from the Universities of Birmingham and Melbourne analysed some 500 research sources during the first systematic review of the international literature with a view to integrating GBV education strategies for pre-qualified medical students. Dana Sammut, also from the University of Birmingham’s School of Nursing, said: “Gender-based violence is a serious threat to the health and social lives of women around the world. The introduction of effective strategies to raise awareness of gender-based violence before receiving qualified medical care will help to reduce serious social and health risks for people – especially women – around the world. Gender-based violence affects the physical and mental health of girls and boys, men and women around the world. Childhood is one of the most vulnerable stages of life in relation to violence, despite increased public awareness and more specialized training for professionals. The study, led by Dr. Caroline Bradby-Jones of the University of Birmingham, was published in Trauma Violence & Abuse. Prequalification training is essential to shaping a professional response, but health professionals and students have no confidence to address this issue. What types of educational strategies to combat violence against women are effective in screening medical students? Systematic review. 15, 2014 Studies show that intimate partner violence is more common than diabetes. 8, 2017 Preventive vocational training can be expensive and difficult to implement. ScienceDaily shares links to scientific publications on the TrendTM network and generates income for others as needed.