Delaware Chancery Court –

M. Zielinski told Chancellor Delaware judge Travis Boghulstva that the anthem M. owed Zigna $20 billion for refusing to disclose information to the federal authorities to advance the case. On Monday, Hymnal representatives told the judge that their colleagues at Cigna had sabotaged the merger for $48.9 billion and even refused to sell their branches, they would have received regulatory approval. The anthem, which Cigna wanted to take over almost five years ago, requires more than $16 billion in damages and termination costs. Cigna is trying to recover $14. Thomas Zielinski, the Hymn’s best lawyer, said Cigna’s CEO David Iordani was dissatisfied with “his” “own” role in the merged company. Signa claimed that the anthem stole confidential information during the merger negotiations.85 billion as a termination fee. The judge blocked the merger and called it anticompetitive. Joseph of Sweden, then CEO of the anthem, proposed that “he himself” became the sole CEO after the merger. Do you have an opinion on this story? Click here to send the letter to the editorial office and we will be able to publish it on paper. The Court of Appeal confirmed the verdict.