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Plus, it’s only three ingredients! These 3 gluten-free ingredients are perfect for making sweet potato hashish in batches and are perfect for dinner, lunch and dinner. They’re also part of my gluten-free, milk-free epic sandwich you can make here. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of soluble fiber that is easy to digest and much easier to digest because they are well cooked, unlike leafy vegetables and celery. Use absorbent paper to gently squeeze chopped sweet potatoes to remove excess water. Use a rasp to grate sweet potatoes in a mixing bowl. Cut the sweet potatoes into hamburger-sized portions and crush them with your hands. I used Dove gluten-free flour but you can use the flour mixture that suits you best, because you only need a small amount. Today, I’ve come back with a super simple recipe that’s a healthy, gluten-free, low FODMAP alternative that replaces regular breakfast options. Mix well and cover sweet potatoes. The result is chopped sweet potatoes. Simply place the absorbent paper over the mixture, press firmly and press! Do this until the mixture is dry. Eggs are used, but to make this recipe a non-egg, vegetarian recipe, only one egg substitute should be used: more information on flax eggs that I use here. Beat the eggs in the bowl and add a tablespoon of flour. You can also use a food processor if you prefer, but the rasp worked well for me. It looks delicious. Thank you for sharing this information. It’s really good. Therefore, they are suitable for people whose diet is low in waste.