Dropi Cod Liver – Cod liver oil from Dropi is a niche

Cod liver oil from Dropi is a niche product of Icelandic productionproduction. To meet these standards, Dropi uses only fish liver on small fishing boats. Special areas where special Dropi cod liver oil is captured are protected by an industrial area that prevents contamination and contamination. After testing several samples that have not been heat-treated or extracted with solvents, we chose Dropi, a natural cod liver oil for my family. Most people don’t recognize this, but most cod liver oil brands on the market today are not complete nutritional supplements. Since 2002, Sarah has been teaching health and nutrition issues, supporting families who are effectively introducing traditional foods into modern homes. Dropi cod liver oil is sent directly to a factory in Iceland located on land. A fisheries management system has been established throughout the country to ensure responsible fishing practices, with an emphasis on the rational use of fish stocks and a more rational attitude towards the marine ecosystem. Personally, I would not even accept fish oil if I could not get it from a source in the Atlantic or South Pacific region. I will have to try the product! I’ve tried to investigate everything I can about fish oil, but maybe I should use cod oil. This was the first raw cod liver oil in the region because it comes from much of the Pacific. If you have a really raw and complete dietary supplement, such as natural cod liver oil, I recommend that you try it when it is available. Therefore, it is very important to use only unprocessed cod liver oil that has been tested for purity.