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Source Boston University School of Medicine Summary: PumpStart, a student-developed community service and learning program that teaches practical cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the general public, is an opportunity to participate in public health and medical education, both in the provision of life skills to high school students and in the provision of medical students. “The Service Learning Initiative, which aims to provide practical cardiopulmonary resuscitation to high school students, is a success. “ScienceDaily. The Service Learning Initiative, which aims to provide practical CPR to high school students, is a success. June 2, 2015 A program is helping to strengthen the mental health of students in public schools. Medical students reported increased confidence in their ability to answer CPR questions, act as mentors, and provide training to new medical students after their participation in the PumpStart program. “It is essential that the general public feel comfortable with CPR among viewers to improve the overall chances of survival after cardiac arrest,” said Anita Knopov, a BUSM medical student who co-authored the study. The high school students reported significant improvements in CPR technique and confidence in skills acquired after the PumpStart program. A service-learning initiative to teach practical CPR to high school students: PumpStart. Preliminary interviews were conducted prior to the visit of a 60-minute training session on practical CPR, in addition to practical small group exercises conducted by BUSM students. Knopov believes that PumpStart can serve as a model for other organizations and have long-term public health implications, as spectator CPR remains a predominant predictor of survival outside of hospital cardiac arrest. May 22, 2014 Medical students are big users of social media, but medical schools may need to offer more advice about possible risks, the researchers say. Medical students also conducted surveys to assess their comfort in teaching CPR before and after their participation. Material provided by Boston University School of Medicine.