Energy Muse Gifts – To enhance the energy shield around

To enhance the energy shield around you, try combining the energy of the bracelet with a black tourmaline with a red jasper tip. These crystalline dots combine the grounding energy of the Red Jasper and the protective energy of the Black Tourmaline to create a strong, stable and safe energy duo. It’s only two weeks until Father’s Day, June 16! Did you give the kids a gift in your life? This year, why not give Dad a year-round gift: the gift of good energy? Made with the energy of nine crystals, the Power Wrap is one of the most powerful tools for increasing “your” energy and improving “your” physical strength. Energy Muse is a brand of crystal jewelry that offers tools for empowerment, inspiration and hope. Is there a better way to give something back to a father figure than the gift of protection? Please always strengthen my back by giving it the protective energy of a protective bracelet. For the hard-working, entrepreneurial parent, make sure you have a rich, successful year full of opportunities! Our silver magnetic bracelets combine the energy of eight pearls, which is the number that means wealth and prosperity. Energy Muse provides tools for empowerment and inspiration in the concrete form of jewels and crystals. Our digital detox bracelet is made of shungite and transparent quartz to release the accumulation of technological energy. Consider us your crystal experts – this blog is dedicated to spreading the knowledge on how you can use crystalline energy to improve your well-being. As the ultimate stone for minimizing the effects of exposure to technology, Shungite’s pyramids block harmful or electromagnetic energy. Make sure Dad uses this room when he is near the computer, on his phone or in front of the TV. To further minimize the effects of EMF, give the Digital Detox Bracelet to the men of your life in combination with a Shungite pyramid. Don’t know what energy you have to bring men into your life? We have gifts that every father will love for Father’s Day. To make it easier for you during this giving period, we have collected five energy combinations for the men in your life. The Energy Muse blog articles describe our own personal experiences on the subject. Let Dad wear the protective travel bracelet and keep a black tourmaline with a touch of red jasper at home or in the office to constantly protect him.