HCD Mag – The new three-story Anna Shaw Children’s

The new three-story Anna Shaw Children’s Institute was founded to diagnose and treat children with autism and other developmental disorders and is one of the first such institutions in the country. With an entrance for the Behavioral Health Program components, the first floor includes clinics that focus on behavioral health and developmental pediatrics. As a representative of the forest floor, this level includes relaxing brown tones and graphics of animals typical of the lower level of a forest. The three floors of the building represent typical forest levels: the forest floor, the subsoil layer and the forest cover layer. The second floor also provides convenient access to administrative areas for family support services, lobbies and cafeterias. On this floor there is a strange 40-foot replica of a tree that spans all three floors and has a historic oak base. This center is not only unique in its tree house design concept, but also combines components of the best centers into a more complete program. Green leaves are used on the walls and in the elevator lobby, as well as the appropriate fauna for the subfloor layer, as a theme for the floor and for orientation. The third floor, with a theme for the canopy layer, contains a subspecialty clinic and a shell room for future growth. On the Hamilton Health Care System campus, the Institute’s south entrance serves children with autism. Brown tones and soothing carpets mask distractions and sounds on the first level. The replica of the 40-foot long, strange and tangible tree extends from the first to the third level. There are very few such centers in the country that serve children with physical and cognitive disabilities. The Institute can work with children with reduced mobility in the second level therapeutic pool. The main entrance hall on the second floor uses green leaves, wood and wood-like materials as its theme.