Healthy Home – It is important to fight small fungal

It is important to fight small fungal infections as quickly as possible without the use of medication, as super yeasts, such as Candida auris, are becoming more and more common and can support even the strongest fungicides. Although powerful antifungal agents may be needed to treat these types of infections if they become heavier, more natural methods can often be useful if detected at an early stage. Coconut oil contains about 42% lauric acid, a very powerful antifungal fatty acid. When using garlic as a fungicide, it is very important to use the freshest teeth. However, they do not know that it also contains a lot of useful yeast, which is an effective remedy against the spread of Candida when consumed. Note that MCT, also known as “liquid coconut oil”, contains little or no lauric acid. In research, this phenol is an excellent fungicide for nails, nails, mouth and other parts of the body. Like garlic, the manukah can be used both indoors and outdoors as a fungicide. Excessive use of antibiotics can also be an important factor, as it makes normal harmless strains of Candida, which live in the intestines and skin, uncontrollable and penetrate deep into the body’s tissues. The use of heat-treated manukas as fungicides can be contrasted for two reasons. Anecdotal, pressed or refined version of coconut oil is not as effective in fighting fungal infections as local coconut oil.