Autoimmune Process – In short leading researchers and

In short, leading researchers and practitioners of functional medicine around the world agree that the bowel is the best place to start treating all the symptoms and complications of lupus. Estrogen production is highest during pregnancy and just before menstruation – two periods when women have the most lupus symptoms. I was one of those people diagnosed with lupus, sjogrens, haschimotos and rheumatoid arthritis – I took it in my hands and started researching – I weaned, added supplements and started a CoGut was the beginning of the rest of my life! Thanks again. Hormonal imbalances – The prevalence of lupus in women has led researchers to focus on the role of estrogen. If you’ve been up to date with the latest information on natural health, you already know that it’s almost impossible to ignore intestinal leakage as part of the cause and solution of autoimmune diseases like lupus. Chronic or acute stress – People with lupus report that stress is the leading cause of relapses. For people with lupus, curing the bowel means attacking the root of the physical AND psychological symptoms so you can start living again. The diagnosis of lupus is difficult to make because the signs and symptoms vary greatly from person to person and often overlap with many other illnesses. Medical treatment of lupus depends on the signs and symptoms present and may change as symptoms. A combination of blood and urine tests, evaluation of signs and symptoms, and a physical exam are used to diagnose lupus. TNFAIP3 is a gene on chromosome number 6 and is responsible for certain proteins that, when modified, can cause the generalized inflammation found in lupus. Lupus has a strong genetic connection and is most often found in families, women, and some ethnic groups. However, the medical community has not fully accepted the role of the intestine in the lupus disease process.