May Help Reverse – Damage to hair cells or auditory nerves

Damage to hair cells or auditory nerves leads to hearing loss. In experiments with rats, researchers at John Hopkins University have identified two proteins that are responsible for the growth of auditory related cells. Current therapies for hearing loss include different types of hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone anchoredhearing and medicines that control other conditions. Capillary cells target the cochlea in internal and external lines and respond to the wave by moving up and down. These proteins are responsible for the growth of hair cells in the inner ear of mammals that recognize sounds. As hair cells move up and down, the projections bend over the hair cells and create channels. Although this research into the development of hair cells is rudimentary and fundamental, all major advances in understanding the human body must have begun somewhere. Scientists have failed to correct a real reversal of the hearing loss. These new findings may lead to a better understanding of how the hearing loss can be reversed or restored.