New Webinar Series – In September this year we invite you

In September this year we invite you to join us and create an incredible free three-part series about simple aromatherapy drugs that you can make from home! Learn more about carrier oils, infusion oils and skin care during live webinars with CHHA instructors and graduates. We will discuss common garden herbs that can be used to make universal carrier oils for ointments, body oils and skin care products. We will see various carrier oils that are ideal for making infusion carrier oils. Carrier oils have curative properties that have a positive effect on skin health. Learn how easy it is to include carrier oils in your skin care program. We will discuss the steps to create a cosmetic formula using carrier oils, infusion oils and essential oils. Our goal is to make available to all holistic health education based on research and science, taught by renowned experts, while offering students a practical learning experience as a traditional university that gives them a strong sense of community, academic pride and student loyalty. In this webinar we will talk about the basics of automotive oils, infusion oils and what makes them different from essential oils. When applying for the webinar, it is important that someone has the tools to build a holistic and sustainable mission, build their communities with confidence and change the face of health care through knowledge. In this webinar, we will discuss the step-by-step process of drip oil production in three ways: water bath, solar energy and slow heating. This includes sharing useful, informative and holistic health articles on the CCHS Health and Wellness Blog. Finally, the preparation of four different formulas will be demonstrated: anti-aging face oil, invigorating and soothing body oil and healing ointments. Margaret will demonstrate the preparation of the following skin care products: moisturizing facial oil, hot hair care oil, a mixture of first aid oils and fire ointment. CHSA’s mission is to promote competence, professionalism and cooperation in holistic health care and to preserve and share knowledge about naturopathy. Colegio Americano, founded in 1978, is a fully accredited online school specializing in holistic health. Each webinar contains many fun and healthy recipes, including moisturizing oil for the face, body scrub and more. This dedication to our students and alumni is reflected in our recent survey, which shows that 98 percent of our students would recommend the school to a friend or family member. The recipes we’ve learned are great for personal use, as well as for sharing with your family and friends during this festive season.