Occasion Sugar-Free Carob – This recipe is ideal for people

This recipe is ideal for people suffering from sugar and carbohydrate addiction, obsessive overfeeding, excessive growth of candidiasis, SIBO, adrenal fatigue, imbalance of neurotransmitters or those who do not eat well on the carbohydrate diet. Place the carbohydrates or powder in a small pan and cover with water. With moderate consumption only a few times a year, for example on Valentine’s Day Christmas, Easter or birthday, it is not too harmful to health and is always preferable to chocolate. Although the carob tree contains moderate amounts of carbohydrates and is not a food on pallets, it is acceptable for accidental deception. Optimize your health with a paleo-diet, green life, attention and other holistic self-service strategies without hip-hop. The amount of water that produces the consistency you prefer in sweets. If you like this recipe, you can refer to my cookbook, where you will find hundreds of delicious dishes with low carbohydrate content. If you have found something too watery to start with, just add a few slices or some carob powder. For Christmas and Easter you can use cookie cutters or candy moulds to drop them before freezing. Again, you must play with the amount you use to get the desired sequence. You can also decorate them with coconut flakes, dried cranberries, raisins, chopped nuts, etc. Distribute the mixture evenly into two muffin forms and sprinkle them with coconut flakes. The flavor and texture may vary completely depending on the amount of water used. Book this gift for special occasions and do not treat it too often. If you like, you can use some more water.