Shamanic Medicine Oracle – Barbara Michaeljon-Free Yuri

Barbara Michaeljon-Free, Yuri Leitch and Flavia Kate Peters’ Oracle Maps of Shamanic Medicine* are a deeply illustrated shamanic card game that brings the doctrine and medicine of shamanism to life. Denise Lynn’s “Native Spirit” Oracle cards are slightly different from other shamanic card games in that they each use real images of nature rather than illustrations. This shamanic oracle card game is a great choice for those who prefer inspiring images to symbolic illustrations. I recommend this shamanically inspired card game of the oracle to those who want to immerse themselves in order to heal and make progress. In Colette Baron Reed’s “Oracle Animal Spirit” game, there are beautiful images, mixed with the symbolism, which embody every card in this 68-card game. Rosie Aronson’s deck of wise oracles* is a beautiful, colorful and illustrated card game that brings the energy of each card to life. You don’t have to be a shaman to use shamanic card games because they have access to different images that always inspire you. Shamanic Oracle: The cards of the John Matthews Oracle for ancient wisdom and guidance* are deeply creative shamanic oracle, which is connected to the most earthly and fundamental aspects of being. Although this is not necessarily a shamanic card game, I like the fact that each card can cause emotions that can not cause other card games. I chose the following shamanic oracles because I like the illustrations, concepts and energies that come out of the cards. I like the idea of this oracle on the terraces and I find it very healing and inspiring. I love the animal spirit of the oracle, because it is well created, but the energies of each card are so much loved, warm and deeply connected to the mind. I like to use the oracle cards after shamanic or energetic healing work, because they often provide an extra perspective, level or confirmation of the work just completed.