HCD Mag – This expansion opened in July 2019 rethinks

Designed with the needs of the patient in mind, the team has covered all key areas of the hospital, including the infusion center, and moved it from a sterile clinical environment to a space that promotes dignity, comfort and recovery. The Gandel Wing in Cabrini Malvern in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is a new 16,350-square-metre building designed to actively promote wellness and well-being. The wing height is seven floors, four basements and three levels of parking, bringing the total number of hospital beds to 556. The hospital’s design features have been used to reduce patients’ anxiety and further improve their experience and results. Minimizing the visual impact of technologies and equipment is a priority in rooms where elements and services are hidden or integrated to avoid institutional aspects. The design of the patient wards provides a direct view between the bed and the adjoining rooms. The natural terracotta façade completes the original 1960s hospital and combines the old and the new in a harmonious wellness complex. The project uses warm, natural materials and improved daylight and green landscape views of the entire complex. All rooms are equipped with folding windows that maximize daylight and fresh air, creating a nourishing and relaxing atmosphere. The distinctive awning system of the building serves as a double façade and gives the surroundings an incredible architectural expression. The terracotta panel system provides protection against heat generation and environmental protection.