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If you have lower back pain in your upper or middle back, unlike the more common lower back pain, bridges may be the best exercise for you. Bridges are ideal for providing lumbar support that can stop back pain before it starts, and their benefits will extend to the spine. Partial abdominal muscles can provide great back pain relief by improving circulation throughout the body. Back pain can be debilitating, but you can find relief with the right exercises. The bird dog is a fun pose, but if you’re willing to sacrifice a little dignity to alleviate back pain, it’s worth it. You may not want to exercise if your back hurts, but it’s actually better to lie down and stay stiff. Here are some exercises you can try for a future without back pain. A gentle workout will help you work your bones and blood, and strengthen your muscles, which will provide better support for your lumbar spine. As any back pain treatment center will tell you, prevention is just as important as treatment. If you suspect that your back pain is from your hips, try lateral elevations of your legs. You stretch your hip muscles and keep everything flexible and flexible, which can be a key element in preventing stiffness and swelling in the future. This will help your body learn to stabilize the lower back when your arms and legs move, for example when walking. WorldwideSanté.com recommends that all medical conditions be treated by a physician competent to treat this particular condition. If you do well, you should feel a slight stretch in your legs and slight pressure around the pelvic area. However, you should be in good physical condition to prevent the crunch from causing spasms in your lower back. Any reproduction of this article should include the author’s name and all links intact.