Natural Medicine Alternatives – Blackcurrant reduces

Blackcurrant reduces sugar-induced post-prandial glucose in the blood itself and in a quino-functional product. Finally, we have demonstrated that 75 g of blackcurrant and fermented quinoa product can reduce blood glucose and insulin levels after meals. OPC induces more effectively than CB through the base of quinofermented products. Compared to the consumption of PC, BC and PPG, this resulted in lower glucose and insulin concentrations during the first 30 minutes, a more balanced reduction during the first hour and a better glycemic profile. The information contained in this document does not diagnose, treat, facilitate or prevent any disease or illness. Berries rich in anthocyanins have a beneficial effect on blood glucose levels after surgery. Appearance of MAP after a sugar-induced hypoglycemic reaction has been softened by CB and PBK in the postpreparation stage. Before starting any natural, integrative or routine treatment, it is recommended to seek the advice of a licensed medical specialist. Over 500 pages with alternatives and information on natural medicine.