Wistar Long-term – Prolonged exposure to mobile radio

Prolonged exposure to mobile radio emissions leads to a decrease in testosterone levels in serum in rats. The second group of 14 rats was exposed daily for 30 minutes to mobile radiation, and the third group of 14 rats was exposed to mobile radiation for 60 minutes a day for a total period of 3 months. CONCLUSION: Prolonged exposure to mobile radio waves reduces serotestosterone levels. At the end of the test, blood was collected from the vessel and testosterone serum was analyzed by radioimmunological analysis of the double Coat antibody – a – by the double Coat antibody method (double-action coat counter). A total of 34 male albino rats [Wistar strain ] at the age of 2 months, weighing from 150 to 160 grams, were used for this experiment. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, and any changes in the normal level can have disastrous consequences for reproductive health and health in general. By providing the information contained in this document, we do not diagnose, treat, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease or health condition. It is recommended that you consult a licensed physician before performing any natural, integrative, or routine treatment. More than 500 pages of alternatives and information on natural medicine.