Recipe Gut-Healthy – So today I would like to share with

So today I would like to share with you some of the most common exchange proposals – for eggs, sows and dairy products – that you need to change in order to use healthy intestinal recipes for your original diet. For those who want to get the probiotic benefits of 24-hour yogurt but cannot tolerate dairy products, coconut yogurt is a good alternative. Remember that even with healthy eating, the dose causes poison. “Sometimes tapioca and coconut flour can be a fun way to change your diet. Collagen peptides do not replace gelatin peptides – collagen peptides dissolve in liquids and do not structure pies. So if you avoid nuts – or just try to reduce the amount of walnut flour you eat – it will be very difficult to find interesting recipes that work. But some, such as the specific diet of carbohydrates, allow certain types of dairy products, such as yoghurt, 24 hours a day. As for the recipe for coconut yogurt without milk, the first recommended yogurt contains skimmed milk. However, gelatin eggs have an additional advantage: gelatin has many useful properties, especially for the intestines. For example, if the recipe requires 1 cup of almond flour, I would use ¼ cup of coconut flour and ¾ cup of tapioca flour as a substitute. I know I’m a little dramatic, but if you eat a limited diet, finding new recipes that work can be incredibly frustrating. To replace walnut flour, I use a combination of two types of grain-free flour: coconut flour and tapioca flour. What if I can’t handle gelatin? Is there an alternative to the egg in the pastry recipes? 3) Gelatin eggs mimic the structure of conventional bakery eggs, but do not have the same fat content. When using gelatin eggs, it may be necessary to add more fat to the finished product, especially if the recipe contains more than 3 eggs.