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I heard people say that because keto doesn’t necessarily give a type 2 diabetic the ability to eat a large boiled potato and have normal blood sugar levels, it’s not really a “cure”. “Maybe. Jason Fung’s book “The Diabetes Code” is more about intermittent fasting than eating, but “this” supports what “he” says with a lot of research and seems to have had good results in the cancellation of type 2 diabetics. The traditional fermentation of soy sauce is so complete that several gluten tests cannot detect gluten in the final product, although wheat is an important ingredient. After all, the soya in the traditional Teriyaki sauce is a soya sauce – a fermented product – and I spoke positively about fermented soya in the past. It may not be exactly like the teriyaki sauce you knew and loved. I don’t spend as much time on mine as I would like, but sometimes I find it hard to find good trees in the Canadian prairie. Long-term effects of continued new remote maintenance, including dietary ketosis for the treatment of type 2 diabetes: A non-randomized clinical trial of 2 years. The response to our new Teriyaki Primal Soy Free Kitchen sauce was very positive. Two groups of type 2 diabetics were on a very low-carbohydrate, ketogenic or standard diet for two years. The last thing I want to do is to aggravate an autoimmune problem, especially if the ingredient in question is not really needed. Stopping smoking tells your brain that this task is too difficult for you and that stopping learning. If this is true, then it seems logical to remove or severely restrict the thing you are intolerant of.