Five Senses – Do you feel happy or sad Relax or relax

Do you feel happy or sad? Relax or relax? Healthy or not? As you begin to perceive a person’s energy field, you may begin to perceive events that have happened to “him” or her, such as a brief outbreak of a recent divorce, or how “he” or “she” felt when one of your parents died, or even in a previous life. As you develop your intuitive skills and more openness to the information you receive, your life will work better. But when it comes to values beyond the norm, science raises its hand and says that there is no evidence and therefore there is no evidence. “Hmm I wonder if what I feel is true. Maybe everything is fine, but maybe this person is physically aggressive, maybe a school bully pulls a child out of a chair where “his” son usually sits on a bus. If you know someone who looks “out of place,” don’t go out with them. You won’t end up with a turban looking at a crystal ball because you knew Aunt Sally was on the phone. There’s clairvoyance, the ability to see with the inner eye, clairvoyance, the feeling in the intestines that you “know”, and clairvoyance, like when you call your name when no one is there. When you first appear in the presence of someone, you wonder what information you get from that person. If you sit quietly with your pet without a TV or computer, you just want to tell them what your pet wants to say. You already have more information than you think.