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Can’t sleep? Here you will find ideas on how to sleep better with healing energy and other natural and alternative resources, as well as tips on how to rest better. How to sleep better with energy healing techniques There are not many interesting alternatives in the medical world to help us get the deep peace we need. By listening to soundtracks that contain binaural delta beats, you can convince your brain to create delta waves to promote sleep with all its energy benefits. You can get inexpensive i-phone applications that allow you to customize soundtracks with the type of binaural brain waves you want, in which case delta waves will help you sleep better. Or try this free online feature, which allows you to customize the mix of relaxing sounds such as sea, birds, regular drumming, etc. and add binaural beats to the state of the brain that you want to achieve, in this case sleep. Lavender Oil Lavender essential oil is a classic sleep aromatherapy oil that uses the energy of the lavender plant to calm and soothe your energy field. Function: it cleanses the head, has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, relieves mental tension, helps you when you can’t sleep with nightmares, injuries, anxiety and headaches. Therefore, it makes sense to try an energetic healing before going to sleep. Andrew Weill’s website offers a good selection of tips for regular sleep, including recommendations on a number of natural remedies for sleep. What gives us a good sleep A good sleep gives us clarity of mind, physical vitality, emotional stability, better performance at work and in sports. How best to sleep with abdominal breathing Abdominal breathing – deep, rhythmic breathing in the lower third of the lungs – is one of the best ways to relax the nervous system and sleep. When we sleep, we connect to a source of energy. How best to sleep with binaural delta waves Binaural delta waves are a sign of deep sleep. Surrendering to the awake seems counter-intuitive, but surrendering to the awake helps us sleep.