Germ Theory + – It is also true that the germ can have

It is also true that the germ can have devastating effects on unhealthy soils, and we must act quickly if we are to save lives, through physical measures such as masks, social denouement and hand washing as a preventive measure, as well as oxygen therapy, medication and support measures if necessary. If we want to maximize both prevention and treatment, all health care providers and world leaders, and each of you as an individual, should consider measures that make the field healthier, not only for VIDOC prevention, but for ALL diseases as well. We must also recognise that many people will resist treatment on the ground because few will help them heal the personal, economic, social, financial, racial and collective trauma that makes them vulnerable to unhealthy environments. We need not separate those who support germ theory from those who support field theory. We need trauma treatment, as well as holistic treatment and other field treatments, such as traditional Chinese medicine and energy medicine. In the light of the pandemic, I hear a lot about “germ numbers” and “field theory” today. Here, advanced workers are doing their best to save the lives of even people in unhealthy soil by applying the healing methods that we usually use in our microbial theory model. Unfortunately, the rush to save lives can lead to excessive concentration on microbial theory by primary health care and health workers. If someone has unhealthy soil, it may take months or years to implement “tank cleaning” measures. “Applying field treatment to a deadly disease that could kill you in a few days or weeks ignores the immediate threat. We must also recognize that epidemics that once killed millions of people have been eradicated or stopped because of what we learned about germ theory. But this argument ignores the fact that unhealthy soil is sometimes invisible when incurable development or situational trauma affects the nervous system and cripples the immune system in obviously healthy people – or when bad nutrition or bad habits are shaken from the inside out so that they are not visible from the outside. Also, do your best to meet your mental and economic needs, because good mental health and the ability to pay for housing and food is essential to keeping your garden clean. Most people who discuss germ theory against soil theory do not seem to be sufficiently polarized and unjustified on one side or the other. It is no small thing to take personal responsibility for keeping your garden clean and to embarrass those who have not yet cleaned it, which only makes it worse.