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One of these states is Illinois, which has seen a new peak in the sale of synthetic marijuana, also known as fake herb, spice, spice, spice, diamond spice, golden spice, spice X cool X, cool out or K2. The weed is a substance consisting of dry plant material that is sprayed with chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids. Shah, “Although they recognize that synthetic cannabinoids are a safe alternative to marijuana, they can cause very serious diseases. Studies show that weeds can be two to 100 times stronger than THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in natural marijuana. In March 2018, one person died and 38 people were hospitalized in the Chicago area and central Illinois after taking too much herb. They can contain a variety of chemicals, and users often don’t know what they are, such as rat poison. “In fact, three of the 38 patients admitted to the Illinois hospital have confirmed the presence of a common ingredient in the rodenticide called brodifacoum. Synthetic marijuana is dangerous and its use can lead to illness or even death. In addition, counterfeit weed control products are often mislabelled, making it difficult for users to know exactly what’s in the drug they’re taking. At this time, there is no known cure for a synthetic marijuana overdose. In addition, synthetic marijuana is consumed more often while smoking, usually with a pipe, pipe, or cigarette. The effects of counterfeit weeds on humans can generally be divided into three categories: neurological, physical, and psychiatric.