Use Healing Yoga – The combination of yoga and crystals

The combination of yoga and crystals during practice is a real energy tool for body, mind and soul. One of my favorite methods of combining different treatment methods is to include therapeutic crystals in my yoga practice. This combination takes you to a deeper level of healing and creates a closer connection with your yoga practice, your crystals and especially with your being. No matter why you come to the mat, the fusion of yoga and crystals creates a powerful combination of energy that deepens your yoga practice and increases the converting energy of your crystals. Yoga and healing crystals have the ability to cause important changes in mind, body and soul. By bending the top, bottom and sides of the mat with yoga crystals, you can achieve a more targeted exercise. This may include the use of healing crystals, feng shui, chakras, meditations, yoga, etc., but is not limited to the use of healing crystals. The physical form of yoga combined with the spirituality of the crystals allows you to deepen your practice with the help of crystals and yoga. Your practice of yoga with crystals. To make your life easier, we have selected the best crystals for yoga, whether it’s on a mattress, in Savasan or from a mattress. Heather Askinozy is an expert in the field of crystals and has a great influence on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and the whole healing process. In liberating yogatransformation, expansion and consciousness arise when the mind, body and soul are connected by breathing and movement. One of the most popular ways of combining therapeutic methods is the practice of meditation with crystals.