Future A – As a versatile leader and team player you have

As a versatile leader and team player, you have a gift for risk calculation, multitasking and weighing all options. But remember, you don’t always have to take into account all the variables of your life. By giving you room to breathe, you will be able to succeed in your work and your relationships without freeing yourself from minor failures along the way. It’s just a simple mathematical calculation: of all the picturesque stops, this is the simplest, shortest and easiest way to get a good reward. You dive into the sunset on a beautiful beach when someone at night tries to climb a mountain or catch a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. You’re an inventive “man of ideas” – and you have the energy and the creative spirit to fill everyone into a whole. Even if you’re not always the author or producer of your work, you have a sense of direction, judgment, factual verification, tone and consistency that make you a valuable member in any work environment or study. After all, life is not about details, but about inspiration and mutual help to achieve goals that may seem impossible, but which are not really like seeing this beautiful mountain under the stars. You are a realist who thinks about the future and attaches as much importance to strategy as to other important aspects of life, such as the people around you or the success of your work. Don’t forget to share your ideas with your colleagues more often – and explain your thoughts clearly and step by step. You are a brave decision-maker who is not afraid of big risks and your impressive work ethic often ensures the success of your efforts. Don’t forget to slow down every now and then and bring your friends, colleagues and family aboard your incredible plans. You will understand that the most inspiring, deep and beautiful experiences of life come from the journey, not from the destination, and from all your difficult and unexpected twists and turns, similar to this breathtaking route through a cloudy and wooded mountain slope. But whatever your decision is, take the time to rest, to have fun with the people you love from time to time, rather than having radical debates about current politics in your head. You are an open-minded idealist, but you would never ignore the facts when it comes to taking risks. Yes, your boat trip can be dangerous or lonely. A stop at a good restaurant would be nice, but you understand that life is not about ephemeral benefits. A stopover in the Mediterranean? Why not? Why not? Why not? Why not? Why not? Why not? You’ve had crazier dreams, and your detailed planning has allowed you to achieve some of your efforts, if not your most important goals. A bustling coastal city, full of people, nature and architecture of all kinds, is exactly where you want to come to entertain your innovative spirit.