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If you are already on a leaking diet, if you are watching attention, exercise and take nutritional supplements, but still feel that you are missing something, then I hope you will try Nootropics. After reading this list you might think that Nootropics is too good to be true – or you might wonder if you can find a bottle of theobromine on Amazon Prime Because Nootropics is difficult to use, a mixture of Nootropics – or as they are called by neurosurgeons, the “heap” – with the vitamins and minerals they need is much more effective than trying to formulate your own protocol. Remember that healing is not only body or mind, but both. But the bio-direction is not a straight line, it is not only the mind that affects the body or mind, but both. It is better to avoid nuts and dried fruits completely than to use a cheap supplement, which at best may be ineffective, and at worst – dangerous. The most popular biohackers, like our friend Dave Esprey, study how our body works and learn how they can improve our natural abilities with things like diet and nutritional supplements. Neurohacking is an extension of biohacking, but instead of focusing on the work of the body, neurohacking focuses on the work of the mind. This means that you cannot simply ignore the body and concentrate on the mind – or ignore the mind and concentrate on the body. Hackers are not just asking what food can help them get a healthy bowel or lose weight. They want to know what foods, exercise and nutritional supplements can best stimulate their mind. Usually I do not prefer a “mix” of supplements – I like to have control over what the individual supplements do. And of course, some nutmegs are full of combinations of other nutmegs. People with the right posture will see healing as a challenge, even a blessing to strengthen them on the way. With each supplement, you get a good value for money: the best quality and most effective additives are almost always the most expensive. But despite the fact that they are powerful tools, they are not available to everyone, especially busy people like Steve and I, who have a family, children, work, hobbies, pets and so on.