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Therefore, the study sought to better characterize the type of vaccine failure by investigating both the history of measles vaccination in children and the differences in diagnostic time based on the history of vaccination with Tianjin. Although the post-vaccination diagnostic time increases with each additional dose of measles vaccine, it is surprising that 8.5% of cases in the surveillance registry and 26% of the case series contain measles, despite two or more doses of CFS. “This analysis of measles cases in Tianjin showed that in children with a history of vaccination, a significant number of people with measles received at least one dose of CVD. “This study shows that in a small subset of measles cases in Tianjin with a pre-vaccination history, the weight of measles is high in those vaccinated. The apparent inability of the measles vaccine to produce immunity in the herd has raised serious concerns among Chinese health authorities. 4N Boulianne, G De Serres, B Duval, J R Joly, F Meyer, P Déry, M Alary, D Le Hénaff, N Thériault. Major measles epidemics in Quebec City, despite 99% vaccination coverage]. They refer to research that shows that measles vaccines can be effective up to 23 times. 1% per dose. As we see in our article “Why China has measles outbreaks when 99% are vaccinated”, China has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. Further research is needed to determine whether this is due to the failure of the primary or secondary vaccine and whether it is due to the failure of the primary or secondary vaccine and whether the treatment of the cold chain, the poor effectiveness of the vaccine, the timing of the expected doses or host factors, such as comorbidity and reduced immunity, may be responsible. Clinical and epidemiological results of measles outbreaks in a population with high vaccination coverage. “Despite the global increase in measles vaccination, progress in measles eradication has slowed down in recent years. The Tianjin VE measles vaccine series has also been affected. In fact, the measles vaccine is mandatory. Sayer Ji is the founder of, examiner of the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, vice chairman of the board of the National Health Federation, member of the Executive Committee of the World Non-GMO Foundation.

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