Firstborn Child – According to a recent Wall Street Journal

By voting in dollars and buying high quality food, health-conscious pet owners can lower the price of these healthier products over time and encourage traditional brands to create more premium options. What do you think of this? Do you treat your pets like children? Do you think it’s important to offer high quality pet food? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Let’s face it, high quality organic food will never be the cheapest – neither for people nor for pets – but there are opportunities in the mid-price range. If you want them to be healthy, you have to invest in their health, which means you have to feed them high quality organic foods and body nutrients. Many of them sell high quality, high quality food, “human quality” snacks, gluten-free dishes, high quality ingredients, organic products and even vegetarian dishes. Of course, some people love dynamic marketing campaigns, trends and images on social networks that sell more expensive food and new pet foods. It turns out that millennia not only invest emotionally in their pets, but also feed them expensive food. Previous generations have also loved their pets, but thousands of years have paid special attention to them and treated them as if they were firstborn. It is shocking to note that between 2007 and 2017, household spending on pet food increased by 36%. The millennia often seem to treat their pets as if they were firstborn. Millennia are particularly concerned about the presence of unhealthy ingredients in their food and feed. This is reflected in the amount they spend on their pets, including food.

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