Man Lived Alone – What can you expect from this man’s

What can you expect from this man’s daring adventure? Perhaps you are also an experienced carpenter and miner, in which case you can literally follow the example of Richard and decide to spend a third of your life in the beautiful solitude of nature. But Richard’s preference for loneliness, “your” love of nature and “your” willingness to work hard are things that can enlighten “your” life like “your” mountain hut did. Richard Proenneke was an enthusiastic carpenter and photographer, educated with a love of nature big enough to send him to the Alaskan mountains for almost 30 years. Apart from the fact that Richard would have to be a master hunter, fisherman and carpenter to survive so many years in the harsh nature of Alaska, the question remains how he could stay alone for so long. On the shores of Jewish lakes, bears, caribou and birds, Richard has already taken most of his life. When he shared with those who wrote books and documentaries about his life, Richard liked to be alone. Richard’s daily life was hunting, fishing and watching the animals around him. The hut, a simple apartment of 11 x 15 feet, was built with craftsmanship and beauty and the whole process was documented in his files and films that he brought from home. He also felt that the beautiful animals that accompanied him in the mountains helped him feel less lonely. But if you’re among most of us who aren’t very competent in this area, then Richard’s story still has value. Besides writing, his passions are learning new things, music theatre, piano, guitar and ukulele. But within 10 minutes of all this, listening to the birds and seeing the breeze through the trees can give you just the basics you need to get ahead. However, few people felt as isolated as Richard Proenneke. The beginning of “your” time in the mountains was the construction of the cabin that would become “your” new home. It’s good to be left to your own devices, to get lost in your own thoughts and discover who you really are in the depths of your being.

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