Liver Function – A low-sugar low-toxicity diet full of

A low-sugar, low-toxicity diet full of fiber-rich foods is essential for liver maintenance. According to some studies, high levels of antioxidants and fiber can even help reverse liver damage and disease. The variety is stored in the gallbladder, which is also very important for digestion. What is a liver biopsy? Does it hurt? A liver biopsy is performed to identify liver problems that cannot always be detected by other blood tests or images, and to determine the severity of lesions. You can significantly reduce the risk of liver disease by using alcohol sparingly, avoiding drugs, having safer sex, coping with stress, using whole grains of organic food and maintaining a healthy weight to prevent metabolic problems. In combination with the qi tree, the liver is characterized by “upward dynamics and an innate desire to be straight”. “A healthy liver improves the blood supply to blood vessels, veins and capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients into our cells. Biological antioxidants combat the negative effects of stress, pollution and malnutrition on liver health, increasing the natural detoxification of the liver and the ability to remove toxins from the urine. Your own diet has a strong influence on liver function. Because the liver can break down fat, convert proteins and sugar and remove substances from the blood, the liver can be flooded if it needs a lot of processing. Since the liver is closely linked to uterine functions that are involved in regulating reproductive hormones, the menstrual cycle and libido in women, it is important to release the accumulated anger and maintain positive energy, avoiding conflicts and focusing on the trifles. What makes the liver unique and surprising is that it is able to regenerate itself after damage; in fact, it is able to regenerate itself better than any other organ in the body. If you have the opportunity to consult a traditional Chinese doctor, you can also recommend a number of other medicinal plants, which, in combination with other traditional treatments, improve the function of the kidneys, liver and spleen. Today, we know that without a healthy liver, it is impossible to ensure the normal functioning of metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormone content, blood purity and good digestion. The liver always communicates with other digestive organs and receives information about the content of available nutrients or the presence of hazards such as drugs, heavy metals or toxins.

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