Your Side Or – I have seen Merck develop more powerful

Although some parents have done their own research and are unwilling to vaccinate their children, they work with other parents who simply want safer vaccines. Now that I am writing this article, the media and government agencies are trying to use the fear of childhood disease, which has not killed children in our country since 2003, to convince them that it makes sense to give up some of our inalienable rights so that they can better perform their medical tasks. I ask for a double-blind study with inert placebos that has never been done before. I am trying to convince lawmakers to revise the 1986 Vaccine Law for Children and to waive the legal immunity of vaccine manufacturers so that they can resume responsibility for injuries and deaths caused by their products. There are also people who do not know what they think about vaccines, but who simply believe that parents, not the government, should have the right to decide what to give to their children. Technically, I have a master’s degree in traditional Oriental medicine, and before you decided that this is not a “real science”, you had to take courses in anatomy, pathophysiology, neuroanatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, research and design, western nutrition, and much more. I do not agree with the public authorities who prescribe vaccines, on the one hand, while obtaining their own patents for vaccines, and on the other – profit. Since I began to express some concern about these enormous efforts to eliminate philosophical, religious, and even medical exceptions to mandatory vaccine use throughout the country, I have been called one. Other parents want some vaccines, but they do not believe that other vaccines are necessary.

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