HCD Mag – Although Caroline and the parent company OFS

Although Caroline and the parent company OFS officially sponsored the presentation at last year’s Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, we’ve been a strong supporter of the HCD since its inception,” said Stan Grey, Caroline’s Director of Healthcare. HCD strives to increase knowledge of how design directly affects the safety, efficiency, clinical outcomes and financial success of healthcare facilities, and brings together industry leaders in education and networking. As the main sponsor, Carolina will provide significant financial support to industry events during the exhibition, while providing an ideal platform to promote brand change. With this significant investment, Carolina sees the value of this program,” added Mark Lindh, director of the Emerald and Health Exhibitions partnership program. Awards + events The winners of the title and merit award will be presented at the award ceremony at the HCD Expo & Conference 2019 in New Orleans. The HCD Expo is produced by Emerald Expositions, the parent company of Healthcare Design Magazine. Awards + Events Healthcare Design won two national awards in this competition, which demonstrates the outstanding achievements of business publications. “We are delighted that the Carolina and SFO brands again sponsored DCH in 2019,” said Kevin Gaffney, Group Vice President and Director of Exhibition. Carolinas Grau adds: “We build on the momentum of the latest innovations and continue the tradition of providing key products to the healthcare interiors industry. We have received numerous awards and distinctions that reflect our industry leadership and the importance of our exhibitions to the exhibitors and exhibitors we serve. The HCD 10 professional certification program awards industry representatives in 10 categories of candidates. HCD is owned by Emerald Expositions, the largest trade show operator in the U.S., and most of our trade shows date back several decades. “HCD is the first event in the indoor medical industry. We currently host more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the 250 largest NRT national trade shows, as well as many other events.

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