Car Protection – Every day a white light signal surrounds

Every day, a white light signal surrounds my car to protect it and protect it. “Now is the time to put the windows in the right place for safe driving, in order to maintain the desired additional layer of energy protection. And just like your home or office, your car needs energy protection! Just as you would use glass at home or in the office to protect energy, you can use glass in your car to protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle when you are on the road. Every three months, be sure to collect, clean and place the windows of your car in your vehicle to recover the shield. Energy Muse offers tools for empowerment and inspiration in the concrete form of jewellery and glass. Energy Muse is a brand of crystal jewelry that offers tools for empowerment, inspiration and hope. If you free up this part of the clothing and additional clutter, you’ll get a clean slate so you can start with the glass for the car’s protection process. Heather Askinosie is an expert on crystals and a great influence on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. And when you first hear about protecting your car, the Crystal Car Safety Kit gives you everything you need to ensure the energy security of your transport. After finishing and before starting the engine, hold your glass to protect the car with both hands and say loud and clear: “I am protected. Clear quartz acts as a shield of white light that keeps the positive energy around your car. Consider us your glass experts – this blog is dedicated to spreading the knowledge about how you can use crystalline energy to improve your well-being. Before we get to the windows to keep them in your car, like any good transformation, the first step is to clean the whole car from the inside out. To make it easier for you, we split the exact steps and windows you need to keep in your car to protect you from any source of negativity. Energy Muse blog articles describe our own personal experiences on the subject. From roadblocks to traffic, negative energy can come from several places when you’re on the road in one vehicle. Place clear quartz on the center console to create a white light display.

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