HCD Mag – To encourage families and patients to go outside

To encourage families and patients to go outside, the building features a rooftop children’s playground with skylights over the atrium and an aerodynamic mosaic designed by Dayton Children patients, staff and partners. The bright and colorful three-storey atrium, known as Take Flight Gallery, houses a fully equipped cafeteria, cafeteria and souvenir shop, as well as spaces for interaction, recreation and relaxation. Pediatrics The colorful and fun atmosphere of the 20,000 square meter center is designed to soothe patients and their families. Paediatrics According to the ADA, the hospital has an outdoor area of 23,000 square metres, allowing patients with complex diseases to play outside. The waiting rooms and public areas are colourful, full of natural light and attractive to patients and their families. Many of the Dayton Children’s Patient Tower’s interiors encourage play, movement and involvement. A rooftop playground provides a cozy space where families and patients can get out. The orientation of the tower also plays with the theme of design, because each floor has chosen a certain number, a certain color and a certain playful symbol from the flying objects, from artificial objects to the elements that can be found in nature. Patient rooms provide enough daylight to calm patients and their families. The designers chose the theme “Things to fly” for the eight-storey building in recognition of the city’s rich aviation heritage and innovation in air transport. The eight-storey building has lighted rooms on each floor, indicating the rooms overlooking the city and a nearby quarry. It includes separate areas for cancer patients and all visitors. Above is an interactive structure called the Wright Flyer, in which children can move their eyes, wings and other elements of the structure. The Take Flight gallery is an opportunity for children to play and participate. Thematic elements such as hummingbirds, hot-air balloons, parrots and airplanes are integrated into the space.

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