Listeria Fears Prompt – 22 July 2019 — ArmCompany Farms’

22 July 2019 — ArmCompany egg salad ArmCompany’s egg salad, farmer’s egg salad and fresh egg salad, tuna salad and Thai lobster salad were removed from the U.S. market because of possible contamination of Listeria, the agency “Increase Foodstuffs” reports. Army farms marked egg salad in a transparent plastic container of 12 ounces, lot number W190606060606060606060606060606042A, used 12AGO2019, UPC 085239018682 Fresh Thai salad in a 5-pound white plastic container, lot number W19060606060606060606041, used 02AGO2019A. Fresh tuna salad in a 5-pound round white plastic container, lot number W1906060606060606060606054, used since 02AGO2019A. Fresh egg salad in a 32 oz square transparent plastic container, lot number W19060606060606060606042, used in conjunction with 12AGO2019A. Egg sandwich with bacon, UPC 2205050050050050050050050050050050050050050050050050050000000000000002; Minced boiled egg sandwich with boiled egg on a multi-grain sandwich, UPC 220505005005005005005000000000002; Consumers with product recalls should return them to their number 6, price information. The review applies to the following products, which were manufactured on June 18, 2019. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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