NO LOAD ” – The aim of the study was to eliminate the

The aim of the study was to eliminate the effects of external stress and determine whether muscle growth can be caused by maximal contraction in a wide range of movements. These results are a continuation of previous studies that have shown that muscle growth is influenced by a number of external loads and effects, and suggest that muscle growth can occur independently of external loads, provided there is sufficient muscle fiber that is subject to mechanical deconstruction. Muscle contraction due to full range of movements without external load increases muscle size as well as exercise with high load. The high load of exercise has resulted in more muscle strength and 1RM stamina than without external load. Muscle growth can occur independently of external strain, provided that the muscles produce sufficient tension. In the NO LOAD state, participants are hired to work with the maximum possible force several times over the entire range of movement without using external load. The authors are not aware of anyconnection funding or financial involvement that could affect the objectivity of the manuscript. Thirteen participants took part in 18 one-way elbow bending sessions. Acute perceptual and physiological responses to each stimulus were also investigated.

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